Little Coders

Recruiting for Volunteer Programming Helpers

We are recruiting programming helpers for our Little Coders program to virtually tutor kids. The kids are six to ten years old and they are living in Hong Kong. For those who are interested in upcoming events and want to be tutors, please fill in the application form and we will contact you shortly.

The Little Coders program will teach kids how to code using the MIT's Scratch. Each program has four 1.5-hour lessons; each lesson has the following three half-hour sessions:

  1. Briefing: the instructor provides an introduction of the materials to be taught on that day

  2. Teaching: the instructor presents the coding materials to the kids

  3. Tutoring: the tutors assists the kids to complete the coding exercises mentioned in the teaching session


  1. HKUST students, alumni and friends

  2. Experience using Zoom

  3. Must be able to communicate in Cantonese

  4. Programming experience is a plus, but not required

For more information, please contact us at